Saturday, 12 December 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning.. Oh what a beautiful day

'I have a wonderful feeling everything is going my way..'  OK, it's  NOT Oklahoma but there was not much wrong with Stoke-on-Trent this morning.  We moved off at 09.30 after I had wandered up through Victorian back2backs to the nearest corner shop selling newspapers and milk.  The first chap I met to ask directions  to a newspaper shop from was from London though he had lived in the Potteries for nine years.
We winded and watered again at the Etruria services before starting to descend the five Stoke locks. Watery sunshine and the remnants of an early morning frost kept us company as we journeyed.  No boats about and surprisingly, no fishermen either.

 As it  got towards late morning on the towpath I encountered hoards of the Stoke City fans making their way to the Brittania stadium - today's game was against Wigan apparently and it seemed that the whole of Trentham was on the move towards the stadium!

Caxton steams off into the distance.
We are now moored at Barlasten close to the Wedgewood works with the following views from our side hatch -- can't be bad.



Anonymous said...

We definitely need sound on your blog - I'm sure that my imagination can't do justice to your dulcet tones echoing over the cut......
Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

The sound of thundering hooves as herds of cattle and sheep make their escape would be all that you would hear - My 'appreciative' audience is either a very lonely moor or a home for the deaf! I wouldn't dare to warble anywhere near a Welsh Choirmaster..