Friday, 11 December 2009

A real winter's morning

We left our mooring on Poole Aqueduct, at the start/end of the Macclesfield canal this morning at 9am and gently made our way through the early morning fog towards the moorings at the Harecastle Tunnel.  It was a very cold start but the bonus of a cold snap is much less mud on boot and dog!

Here we are awaiting the arrival of the BW tunnel keeper.  As soon as Caxton and Matilda Rose dissappeared into the tunnel Jill and I and the four dogs started our journey, up and over the top.  There were only our two boats booked to go through and they were through and out the other side - some 37mins - before we had completed our hike over.  We watered both boats at the south end of the tunnel and then set off to Etruria and our overnight mooring.  I walked with Fletcher and Floyd all the way so I am feeling quite pleased with myself and the dogs are both comatose in their beds.

Here Caxton is moored just past the museum at Etruria, the museum that I wanted to see and the museum that closed on the 6th December for the winter - bugger. 

Above, one of our neighbours here at Etruria.

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