Wednesday, 13 January 2010

All pull together...

I emerged from the boat this morning to find our neighbour across the canal slinging a sea-searcher magnet and line across the frozen cut.  The line was soon attached to a hosepipe  and with the addition of our hosepipe we managed to fill the water tanks of both stranded boats!  I then wandered along to Nb.Matilda Rose and told them what we were doing; 'Every boat has a hose and if they were organised all these boats could have their water tanks filled' I said knowing that I was speaking to a man that would rise to that challenge in a thrice.  And as I type this, Graham has a dozen boat hoses joined and stretched from the junction almost to the lock and one by one all the boats on that stretch are filling their water tanks.

What can be done when we pull together...


jonali said...

brilliant idea well done, good thing the tap wasn't frozen.As you say its great when people work together and boaters seem to be a group more willing to do this than some others. We were recently in danger of running out of gas with no supplies in view for a day or two and our boat neighbour instantly offered his spare to tide us over. Very kind and friendly.
Ali (nb Tormentil-still reading but not back to blogging yet)

evelyn booth said...

Lesley, Your story reminded us of an IWA National about 25 years or so back. Boats were three deep and went on for miles and only a solitary water tap. After a few days, getting desperate, one of our friends devised a hose pipe joining scheme which stretched as far as one could see.

A wartime spirit developed with the girls making coffee for anyone and the fellas making sure that everyone got watered up! He was hero of our block. Unfortunately no longer with us, but happy memories.

Evelyn Booth

Nb Caxton said...

Evelyn, Ali
There was such a lot of laughter and warmth along the towpath whilst this all-day effort was being made and that was just so rewarding! Well done everyone I think..

TT said...

Fantastic idea! Great example of teamwork!

(NB Wilshamstead.)

Nb Caxton said...

Thank you Toby. Maybe more stranded boaters will take heed and help each other as well.