Thursday, 14 January 2010

Don't gas yourselves

I was crawling about on the galley floor this morning and peering into the depths of the oven.  No, I was not trying to 'end it all' but rather to find the serial/model number of our Belling oven.  Sue of Nb. No Problem has posted here about recall notices associated with the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS, a boaty MOT) and I was trying to see if this recall might be for our Belling cooker but fortunately it was not.  Safety and good maintenance of appliances are critical wherever you live but in the confines of a boat it is always worth that little bit more caution so if you have a gas cooker on board, and most of us do, check the link.


Bruce in Sanity said...

Um... doesn't your Owner's Manual include the instruction booklet for the cooker?

Should tell you the model number in there!

But you are dead right to make sure and be safe, as opposed to just being...

Keep warm


Anonymous said...

Hi, me again, have i found the right post this time?
Forgot to tell you there had been a very violent murder close by in late Dec. Reading the local paper the police did an early morning raid in our road a few days ago, no arrests yet, strange feeling that maybe a murderer could be close by.
Any way on a more cheerful note i am in work and your playing games with your oven you boat people have some strange ways,only joking take care love to you all yes even your smelly mutts
Val x

Carol said...

thanks for that Lesley - have checked my Belling Grill/Oven, but fortunately it's not that model.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Bruce
It was quicker to look at the cooker than get the cumbersome Owner's Manual out of the safe...
take care

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Val
Floyd and Fletcher send their love despite the insults they have to endure from you...
X Lel

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Carol on Rock and Roll
Worth checking, just in case, me thought..Thanks to Sue for hi-lighting it really.

Carol said...

Hi Lesley, this was in my e-mail inbox this morning, but should have come to you.
Not sure how that happened. It looks like we could have a thaw by the weekend - hurray!!
Carol NB RocknRoll