Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Bye, bye Brum

Our mooring on the pontoon at Star City was just fine last night. We were not disturbed at all and though there is no access to the Star City leisure complex unless you are prepared to clamber across a fence we didn't feel hard done by: the attractions of a Casino or a Frankie and Benny's eaterie were not so great that we felt the loss...
This morning, woken by a snoring Brad Pitt that subsequently turned out to be a snoring Joe in his pit, I got up very, very early and roused the rest of the crew.  We breakfasted and were on the move at 7.30 in the half light! I think we met three joggers and one BW work boat that was on its way to Atherstone by the time we had completed the first five locks.

Caxton between locks against a typical industrial background.

At lock 6, the first of the Camphill locks I removed four assorted wheels, lengths of timber and large plastic holdall.  Joe removed a further couple more wheels and a sheet of plywood.  The obvious result when people have to pay to recycle spent tyres - fly tip them, it's so much cheaper.  You might also notice the artistically decorated wall in the background  and there is miles of this to enjoy along this stretch of the canal.  Joe was dreaming up places where a spray can could be placed that might limit its use - all of which were likely to be painful I fear!

Above is a disused warehouse, with shelter for boats being loaded/unloaded, adjacent to the first Camphill lock.
We arrived at Camphill services having completed eleven locks and here we serviced Caxton and then set off again to cover the next eight miles, lock free eight miles to Catherine de Barnes.

Enroute we passed this submersed BW work boat - an expensive mistake this!

Caxton moored at Catherine de Barnes.  Eleven locks and eleven miles but we have cleared Birmingham and are well on track for Braunston.


Anonymous said...

So glad that the Star City mooring was ok - we'll make a note of that for next time we pass through.....

Sue, Indigo Dream

Bruce in Sanity said...


We found that run quite depressing; you get so sick of the sight of the graffiti.

It looks like an ex-BW boat - maybe some contractor bought it and then went bust.

Isn't it Catherine de Barnes?

Watch out for the paddles at Knowle - long throw windlass strongly advised!

All the best


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Do you mean Catherine de Barnes?

Take your time in the Knowle Locks. When you empty the locks the swirling water in the pounds takes ages to settle and makes steering exciting

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Bruce
Catherine de Barnes it is. Silly me! Thanks for the advice re the Knowle locks, the long throw windlass is the only one I use now mind you it has taken a year for the penny to drop...

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Paul - see my response to Bruce

Nb Caxton said...

Right you are..