Tuesday, 26 January 2010

This pontoon looks nice...

We enjoyed a quiet night at Curdworth, no TV signal, no traffic noise and no towpath walkers either..  Joe toddled off to the Post Office and got a paper first thing and by 9am we were on the move.   The shot below is typical of the countryside/canal just beyond Curdworth.

Approaching the second lock of the day,  Minworth Three Locks.  Some of the anti-vandal devices on the lock mechanisms were not operating but we encountered the BW lengthsman at the next lock so I mentioned the fault.  The water was surprisingly clear and the towpaths in good condition, if somewhat festooned with special Brew cans and the like, but then we are now firmly in an urban environment.

Much of the industry has now turned its back to the canal.  Where once this stretch would have been an artery running through the area it is now a quiet backwater the new factories and warehouses are serviced by the M6 and its connecting roads.

Here we are approaching Erdington Hall Bridge and  that large black structure that spans the canal is..?  The Nicholson's guide doesn't mention it and I saw no signage so ... does anyone know what it is please?

Here we are approaching the raised section of the M6 motorway just before Spaghetti Junction.  We had glimpsed the Dunlop Building across the roofs of industrial estates as we progressed along here and we were now looking for the Salford junction and our turn onto the GU.

Above, junction located and Joe turns Caxton a sharp left below the raised M6, over the R. Tame and onto the GU.

We had decided to moor up at Star City and have lunch before progressing so Joe picked me and the two dogs up from the towpath side and headed across the cut to the new pontoons that BW have installed.  Any a very nice pontoon it is too.  The dogs are NOT impressed but we were so we decided to stay here for the night as it felt safe and quiet.

Our early finish today meant that we could do some boaty chores - look what we did to the pontoon!  One well deck cleared out, washed and repacked and one engine bay cleaned AND, one oven thoroughly cleaned as, well. Take a bow lesley...
Tomorrow we will make up for our lack of miles, we will put in the hours and head for Catherine de Barnes


Jill and Graham said...

Take my eyes off of you for 5 minutes and you've turned that posh new pontoon into a p***y site. I knew I shouldn't let you out on your own.

Anonymous said...

We'll be interested to hear how you find Star City - in 2008 the moorings had one vote for and one against!

You've probably found this by now but if you walk up the canal (towards Birmingham) and cross over the bridge to the towpath side then you'll find some fields which F & F might enjoy.

Enjoy the cruise - there are a lot of contrasts between Start City and Catherine De Barnes - very interesting. There's a decent 'Chef and Brewer' pub in Catherine de Barnes!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

Did you get a new camera for Christmas? those pictures are so sharp and clear.

indigodream said...

ooohh serious locking ahead. Actually we really like the Grand Union so hope you have an enjoyable run down Knowle & Hatton and then back up to Braunston


Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue
We were quiet happy on the Star City pontoon though summer time with doors and window open for air might be a little noisy..
We had lunch in The Boat Inn at CDB!

Nb Caxton said...

We cleaned it up again though...

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Harnser
It's the same camera but I didn't have the shakes..

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Richard
We aim to get to the top of the Hatton flight tomorrow and then descend on Friday thereafter a rest at Leamington Spa I hope...