Friday, 22 January 2010

Farewell Fradley

We pulled pins at 09.30 and locked down through two locks to the junction at Fradley where we serviced the boats.  A couple of boats came up the Coventry canal whilst we were watering and then a working boat went down so the ice was pretty 'mushed' by the time we set off. 
The plan was to get to get to Fazeley Junction today but persistent rain and culinary temptation brought about a change of plan.  Jill and myself and the four dogs had walked the muddied towpath and were about to get on the boats at The Plough at Huddesford to continue the journey when the lure of a pint and a good lunch brought about a revision to the journey, we stopped and moored up. The journey will be continued tomorrow.

Caxton moored by The Plough Huddlesford.

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