Saturday, 23 January 2010

What a difference we could all make

I notice in the December edition of  Towpath Talk that the first two weeks of March are designated as BW's Spring Towpath Tidy.  BW staff will be joined by volunteer groups in picking up litter, cutting back vegetation, painting locks and fences and removing graffiti.  Last year apparently in excess of 2300 people took part and 149 tonnes of litter was removed!  Wouldn't it be nice if every boater also made a special effort in the fortnight and spent an hour a day picking up litter, what a difference we could all make!!! 
I for one shall be joining the efforts of BW staff and the volunteers to clean up my back yard wherever we are in that fortnight, why not join in and make a difference?


life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

I think thats a brilliant idea, I quite often arm myself with a bin bag and go litter picking. It's usually on the opposite towpath where fishermen leave there rubbish.

I have to say this is rare as most of them take their rubbish with them, thankfully!


Nb Caxton said...

Hi Debbie
I just thought that if EVERY boater picked up litter during that two weeks what a BIG difference it would make. I cannot believe that it is down to volunteer groups to clean up our environment whilst we stand by and watch,we should be leading the way surely?

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Hi Lesley, just after I wrote the comment on your blog about litter picking, I looked out of the window and saw............

Have a quick look on my blog!
( later on today )