Saturday, 9 January 2010

I can see clearly now..

I went into Stafford with Jill (NB Matilda Rose) yesterday morning, our first stop the large Tesco store there.  Having stocked up with provisions that will see us through an antartic expedition we loaded the Paj and walked into town.  A postcard for Mother, a bag of clothes wrested from Jill's wardrobe to a charity shop,quick dip into M&S and then the real purpose of the visit, pick up my new spectacles!  Having had my eyes tested earlier in the week and then found a 'discount glasses' shop I had ordered a pair of distance specs and a pair of distance sunglasses.  I found the strange raddled old woman staring at me when I tried them on a bit disconcerting...especially when I realised it was ME - crikey where did she come from I thought!   I think I will start a campaign to ban well lit mirrors in shops, it is just too traumatic...

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