Sunday, 10 January 2010

Making friends and eating teacakes

Yesterday morning I had a rendezvous with Chas and Ann of NB Moore 2 Life  They, like us, are marooned here at Great Haywood because of the ice.  Ann had previously passed Joe and stopped for a chat; I was out. Both Chas and Ann had met Graham and Jill of Nb Matilda Rose, but  I was in Norfolk.  The only way it seemed to actually meet was to arrange something, so I did.  We arrived at the pub at the appointed time to find that it was closed so we hot-footed it around the corner to the Lockhouse tearooms instead.  We ordered our coffees and toasted tea and got done to getting acquainted as boaters are so happy to do.  Joe joined us after he had been to the barbers, more coffees were consumed and then a walk back to Caxton to carry on our getting to know you session.
Next week they are dog sitting Lucy and Meg of NB No Problem so we have arranged to take all the dogs, seven of them, up onto Cannock Chase for a few hours rumaging....looking forward to it folks, lovely to meet you both.

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