Monday, 25 January 2010

Sunday is a day of rest, ho, ho,ho

Well yesterday we stayed put but there was little rest - I must be very, very wicked....  Joe took the two dogs for a walk, postponing his chores until he got back which allowed me to vacuum the boat from stem to stern without the need of a trapeze to get around two labradors.  I then washed the floors, cleaned the galley and set about washing the side of the boat by which time Joe had returned and started to dismantle the rear deck in order to clean out the engine bay - it was at this point that it started to rain.   Joe, method acting 'the disgruntled husband' - and he had it bang to rights - reassembled the rear deck and got back aboard.  I kept my head down for the next hour and waxed the floors - well you would wouldn't you....

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