Saturday, 23 January 2010

Fazeley and beyond...

We set off at 10am this morning, - a much more civilised time me thinks - Jill and I walking the dogs the mile to Whittington where we met the two boats, moored up and went hunting for the local store.  The Co-op is about 15mins walk from the canal.  I needed a Saturday Times for my crossword fix and some fresh vegetables and Jill was after a bereavement card. Having arrived back at the boats I continued the journey on foot accompanied by Fletcher and Floyd. 
Arriving in Fazeley Joe decided to service Caxton at the Peels Wharf facility which was just as well because there was a contractors boat tied up at the waterpoint by the junction.


Graham hauls NB Matilad Rose around the turn onto the Birmingham and Fazeley canal, Caxton is following close behind.

Caxton's turn as Joe brings her round from the Coventry canal.

And here is Caxton just coming under Drayton footbridge. Battlemented and unique with spiral staircases in each tower...  We are now on new waters for us, the Birmingham and Fazeley canal headed into Birmingham.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

.. heading into Birmingham, you say. Please ask if you need any advice on our home waters about where to moor, visit etc. around the BCN.

If you let me know when you're climbing the Aston / Farmers Bridge Locks then I might even appear with a windlass

Mukiwa said...

Paul helped Sarahkate and Balamaha down the Cain Hill flight just after Jo broke her wrist. He was a great help and good company, I recommend you take up the offer

Julie said...

Go carefully under Rocky Lane Bridge on the Aston flight. We got stuck on an obstruction under the bridge last year and there were a lot of supermarket baskets in the cut on the left hand side as we came through the bridge

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Paul
Thank you so much for your kind offer re the Aston etc. We are actually going to turn onto the GU at Salford junction probably on Tuesday and head towards Braunston and Caxton's date with a stretch. Graham and Jill on Matilda Rose are going to Worcester though later in the week...
Any advice on moorings is ALWAYS welcome though

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Mukiwa
See my response to Paul..

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Julie
We are heading out of Brum on the GU this time so no Aston flight.

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

That’s cheating – you can’t claim to be “... heading into Birmingham” when you’re sneaking around the edge.

You’re heading into areas where I wouldn’t recommend mooring. Once you’ve left Curdworth there are really only two mooring opportunities before you reach Catherine de Barnes. I wouldn;t leave your boat unattended at either. Neither can be considered picturesque !

The first opportunity is on the pontoons on the non-towpath side outside Star City shortly after turning left at Salford Junction – but you can’t leave the canal bank to walk the dogs without climbing the fence. It’s safe to moor on the towpath opposite the pontoons if you can find a way to stick pins into the hard surface.

The second opportunity is at the top of Camp Hill Locks by the services – but these moorings are often full of continuous moorers. Once again it’s probably alright on the towpath opposite if you can get the pins in.

You’ll be passing through the worst parts of Birmingham so please don’t judge it on what you see. I hope you’ll be coming back to see the BCN properly.

You’ll need your handcuff keys for the three Minworth Locks, so keep them handy.

Adam said...

The northern end of the GU is very under-rated (and therefore underused) in my opinion. We really enjoyed the whole stretch, and the Knowle locks are particularly attractive. There aren't many safe moorings at the Birmingham end, though. The usual advice is not to stop on the Birmingham side of Minworth, so from where you are now I wouldn't particularly want to stop for a good while. There are some moorings at Star City, the leisure complex just after the turn onto the GU Saltley Cut, but they often don't look very inviting. There is a service block at the top of the Camp Hill Locks where you could probably spend the night, although you might be on the water point. There are a few residential boaters there. Catherine de Barnes is the next place with decent moorings. After that you're back in the country.