Friday, 26 March 2010

Going for Gold

I have just completed the application for Caxton's Gold Licence and it will be winging its way to Leeds some time this morning.  The service pledge ( a lovely word don't you think?) is for my licence to be returned in 15 working days and in the meantime I have to post a wee note on Caxton's porthole saying 'licence applied for' -but  do we have to  moor up as close to a bridge as possible and build a shed in the hedgerow for authenticity?
It seems to me that the licencing 'process' is in need of a little refinement if it is going to take three weeks to check three documents and issue a couple of bits of paper. I can tax a car on line so why can't any goverment 'licencing authority' share software/resource/overhead/technology and streamline the whole process?


Anonymous said...

Hope you have told them your boat is 5ft longer now, you might get caught out especially if you visit some of the lock keepers on the Thames.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Anon
I have taken into account the recent changes to Caxton and applied for a licence for a 68' boat.