Thursday, 25 March 2010

Hanging about at Bugbrooke

Joe took himself into Northampton yesterday, catching a bus from Bugbrooke and using his newly minted bus-pass!  I took the dogs for walk along the towpath to bridge 38 checking out potential mooring spots for the coming weekend.  Graham is away visiting family and we need a good TV signal for the F1 Grand prix.  Mind you, if the race is as boring as the debut race I won't be alone in giving F1 a miss...  I think we will move down towards bri 35 (above) this gives us better access to the village and, more dog walks.
I prepared the planters and seed trays for the summer when I got back from walking Floyd and Fletcher.  Jill was buried in cupboard clearance on Matilda Rose so four dogs and one cat helped with the seed sowing (above). 
And here is Floyd watching his Mum reading her book.. cute.


Graham Booth said...

If you don't manage to find a good signal, perhaps the following step-by step guide may be useful.

1. Identify a slightly worn piece of woodwork in the cabin.

2. Open a tin of paint of the same colour.

3. Take a brush and apply the paint to the woodwork.

4. Sit down, relax and watch it dry.

5. Play the National Anthem when it has dried.(optional)

If the Bahrain GP is anything to go by, you will never notice the difference!

Nb Caxton said...

I'll get the paint out ready Graham...