Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Stoke Bruerne

We are now moored at Stoke Bruerne and have visited the Canal Museum this afternoon.  We spent a worthwhile hour or more wandering about looking at canal related exhibits before taking 'coffee' in the adjoining cafe. 
The trek over the Blisworth tunnel to get here from Blisworth was nothing if not adventurous.  It was like crossing the Somme at battle's-end, no artillery shells but lots and lots of MUD, and, we got lost..  By the time Jill and I and four dogs arrived soaked and liberally coated in gloop we had had enough.  The dogs were either dunked in the canal ( theTibetan terrier clean up methodology) or sponged downed with two lots of warm clean water on the towpath (the Labrador ablution system) we were cleaned up and a hasty dash to The Boat Inn was in order.  Tonight we are going to take advantage of the Indian restaurant that is handily adjacent to the Canal Museum...bliss


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Stoke Bruerne - it's a great stopping spot.

I'm in the snow in Scotland - feels a bit weird after a weekend of boating in the sunshine!!!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Anonymous said...

Watch out for a funny blue boat coming towards you on 10th or 11th ... We will probably get close to Marsworth this weekend, Sue and Sarah have been plotting so should make Stoke Bruene very easily the following weekend


Nb Caxton said...

Richard & Sue
Great!! We look forward to seeing you all and will give you a call nearer the date.

Paul said...

Hi Lesley
I have rented the cottage on the far right of your pic for a few days in November. What more could you want canal, pubs and an Indian restaurant, all I need is a boat :-)

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Paul
You will enjoy your stay at Stoke Bruerne and as you say, you will be well catered for re Pubs and restaurants. There is a day- boat available for hire should you want it. Who knows, we may even meet up if Caxton is in this part of the world in November?