Monday, 29 March 2010

Sunday Lunch, that will do nicely..

After watching the F1 GP yesterday morning, and what an improvement it was on the first race of the season, I walked the dogs with Jill and their companions, Mudlark and Baxter.  Bugbrooke is well served with public footpaths in and around the village and our stay here has been pleasant but it is time to move on.
Joe, Jill and I walked took ourselves off to the Five Bells for a Sunday lunch having deposited the dogs back on their respective boats.  At £5.95 or, £4.95 for a smaller portion, I think  it was good value for money.
The church sits immediately opposite the Five Bells and at the back of the church are acres of pasture that still show evidence of the old medieval strip field system.  You can see the ridges and dips in the pasture below.  I think that the only place in England that still uses the strip system is Laxton in Notts but I may be wrong.  The pastures around Braunston were similarly shaped by ancient strip farming.

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