Saturday, 8 May 2010

It's a tight fit..

Anyone who is familiar with The Boat Inn at Stoke Bruerne knows that the tiny canalside bar, much used by boaters and their canine companions, is a tight fit.   Last night saw us in said bar with two large greyhounds, who sprawled under the table and across the doorway on their sheepskin rugs, whilst six humans perched themselves over and around them to prevent them being trampled by unwary fellow customers.  Everytime anyone moved it was the accompaniment of 'mind the dog'.  If people wanted a pint they first had to prove their athletic skills by pole vaulting or long jumping their way to the bar over the likes of Lou and Blue of Nb.Indigo Dream fame.  Owners Richard and Sue were back to resume their Summer Odyssey 2010 and we had intercepted them before they could slip off to Northampton and the R.Nene ahead of us forcing them to join us for a drink in Stoke Bruerne - it didn't take too much forcing mind you. 
Everyone in the bar, including the Landlord, ending up joining in the conversations so the evening proved very convivial indeed. Here's to the next time... Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Cheers indeed!

We're at Upper Wellingborough for the night - we'll let you know how it is - the park adjacent has a reputation!

Town centre moorings by yellow footbridge in Norhtampton were fab overnight....

Sue, Indigo Dream