Friday, 7 May 2010

Walkabout around Stoke Bruerne

This is the former Stoke Park House at Stoke Bruerne built circa 1620 by Inigo Jones.  And when we went walk about we found the remains of this very grand residence.

This house is the former 'service' house for the palladian mansion.

And here are the listed remnants of the mansion , the colonnades and pavilions that framed the main house now long since lost.
The gardens and house are open to us plebs on August afternoons - a condition of receiving heritage funds from the taxpaying plebs I suspect.

Stoke Bruerne Church
Catch of the day, Graham lands a perch.


Funkyk2009 said...

Nice to hear you are in My Area! Hope you enjoy the ride through the Tunnel. I f you are wonderin i live only 30 to 40 mins away from Stoke Bruerne.

Nb Caxton said...

Lovely part of the world Funky K