Thursday, 6 May 2010

MK to Cosgrove via the weedhatch

On Sunday we pulled pins and left Milton Keynes, destination Cosgove.  Despite the wind and rain we aimed to service the boats at Gt Linford before moving on a mile or so to fill with diesel from working boat Ascot.  Arriving at the service point we found another boat had beaten us to the single water point so we did all the other tasks and waited for our fellow boater to fill his tank. After 75 minutes having been passed by Critical Point and Martilda Rose who had left, 20 mins and 40mins later than us we abandoned the water point, leaving the early bird still filling. 
Ok, I admit to being less than amused by experience.  I fail to understand why any boater who knows they are going to be an age filling up their water tank does not let other boaters know.   Grump over. 
We filled with diesel and headed off after the other boats but the wind had got up and we have stripped our bow thruster prop the previous day so when the centre line blew off of the boat and wrapped itself around the propeller stalling the engine there was a 'panic' mooring procedure enacted.   Securely moored, Joe went down the weedhatch and unwound the centre line while I made tea and lunch and here we abandoned the cruise, battened down the hatches and sat and watched the rain and wind from the warmth and comfort of Caxton's new 'patio'/well deck. 
Tuesday we set off early in glorious sunshine and joined MR and CP at Cosgrove.  We then set off towards Stoke Bruerne our next port of call.

The view from Cosgrove service point.

Plenty of apple blossom to see in the hedgerows and a pair of Bull Finches no less. 
Cosgrove Bridge
Blue skies and fields of cadmium yellow rapeseed.


Captain Ahab said...

I caught my centre line once - then chopped it down so it cant quite reash the prop in future!

bob said...

Leslie -

I am doing a post about narroboats, and I'd like to feature NB Caxton and your website. Are you OK with this?

Further, to make the posting more intriguing to my readers, I'd like to copy or link to (whichever you'd prefer) 2 or 3 pictures from your site. Would this be OK too?

s/v Eolian

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Bob
Of course you are most welcome to copy or link to the site and to feature Nb.Caxton.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Captain
We are going to shorten the centre lines to prevent that happening again!