Sunday, 16 May 2010

Nene voyagers

We left Northampton in beautiful sunshine and set off for a shortish cruise to Earls Barton.  We were on a promise so the day had to be short - Gra-Ham of Nb Matilda Rose was going to be cooking us a curry!

We were back to double locks after the single affairs of the Northampton Arm so no more running about each side of the locks with two lock wheelers - Jill and yours truly, to deal with them.

Our first electrified lock and Jill is confused...
No, standing further back doesn't help either..

By the time we had reached Billing we had left the boats to the men and hit the Nene Way which accompanies the river throughout it's length and provides attractive dog walking.

The guillotine gates are easy to use
Great cruising..

And here we are at Earls Barton. We backed out of the lock and settled for a bankside mooring on pins and VERY NICE it was too.
And below is the view...

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