Sunday, 16 May 2010

Our Mooring in Northampton

This is a bit of a 'catch-up' because I have been simply too busy to blog for a few days - apologies.. We stayed in Northampton on the Midsummer Meadows mooring for two nights and it was just fine, no it was better than fine and I would stay there again without hesitation.  The major activity on the river was the barges that started their day at 8am carrying silt from the new marina that is being constructed at Becket Park and dumping it down stream.

The view from our side hatch - look at those reflections!

Destination silt - we passed this on our way out of Northampton.

The day time view from these lovely moorings.


Anonymous said...

Great photos - eveything looks so sharp. Please pass on my compliments ot MAtilda Rose also - I still don't think my comment are getting through now.

We're at home now but the heavy rain is amking us feel better about it!

We have some fab photos of the 6 dogs - will find a way to get them to you....

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Sue. We haven't seen any rain by the way....