Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Northampton here we come.

We are off and set for the first lock of the day. Leaving Gayton at 9ish yesterday after filling with diesel Joe steers Caxton towards Lock No.1.

Nb Matilda Rose follows us down the flight of seventeen locks.

Immediately after lock twelve we go under the M1 motorway.

Equine assistance?
Caxton and the dogs clear off leaving me to set the lock for Matilda Rose - thanks boys..

In the distance the 430ft Express Lifts testing tower.

Company on the moorings by the Carlsberg Brewery.  The police were scouring the area for a 'flasher' - our instructions were to call 999 if we spotted him as the Police were getting increasingly concerned about an escalation in his behaviour.  They were also interested in the two narrowboats of course and we were interested in their 'boys toys'..

Carlsberg brewery.
Having dropped down on to the River Nene and gone through the first lock we were confronted by a barage of barges (below) across the navigation being used by the contractors building the new marina at Beckets park. Dumper trucks were driving back and forth across the temporary bridge trying to get a road in place.  We pulled back to the lock pontoon and waited it out.  About 19.30 they gave us a shout and we were able to go through on to Midsummer Meadow moorings.  we managed to get both boats moored here - just, and last night we had an agreeable night, no disturbance and ideal for the dogs.

We plan to stay here until tomorrow.


Amy said...

ooh, ooh, are you coming down our way? would love to meet you if you get as far as Cambridge! xxx
Amy nb Lucy Duck

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Amy
We will see you and James some time over the Summer for sure!

Amy said...

Excellent! Looking forward to it.
We'll be following your progress with interest! (already we've enjoyed reading about the Northampton Arm which we remember with fondness!)

Anonymous said...

Still can't leave comments on contented souls so I'll say here that it was great to see you all today. That's a fab photo of Caxton at dawn.

Now you horrible morning people, leave Jill alone!!!!

Sue, Indigo Dream