Sunday, 20 June 2010

Denver and Downham

The village of Denver is approximately 2 miles away from the Denver Sluice complex and yesterday Jill and myself and the four dogs walked into the village to have a look.  I might add that this morning I cycled in, got soaked, bought a paper and cycled back by which time I was dry again... 
The mill on the edge of the village is operational and makes and sells specialist flours.  The pub in the village is operational and sell's real ale and, and this is a big AND, the Post Office is operational and seems to be thriving!
The Clock Tower in the square at Downham Market circa 1878?
My brother David and his other half, Denise and their black Labrador, Bentley.  David and Denise had not seen Caxton but as we are as close to their home as we are ever likely to be they took the day off on Wednesday and came a visiting.  We cruised up-stream for a couple of hours with both David and Denise taking a turn at the tiller (me too..) before returning to Denver and a BBQ in the lovely sunshine.

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