Saturday, 19 June 2010

Salters Lode to Denver

The tide had been going out and we had now reached the stage where the level of the tidal waters in the River were the sames as Well Creek - as soon as the lock gates cracked open a tad we opened them fully and Matilda Rose went into the lock chamber and straight through onto the ebbing tide closely followed by Caxton.

The tidal Gt.Ouse looked towards Downham Market, Kings Lynn and The Wash.
Out on the River, looking back towards the Salters Lode lock.
Approaching Denver lock.

Following MR into Denver lock.
Out we come followed by MR.  Safe, back on non tidal waters.
And here we are moored up on rather splendid EA moorings ready to explore the Great Ouse.


James said...

Hello all,

What day are you planning to be in Cambridge? The annual Midsummer Fair is taking place over the next 10 days or so, and the very vast majority of residential boats have moved off the commons and (unfortunately) onto the visitor moorings at Jesus Lock, where we are now.

Midsummer Fair isn't exactly pleasant, to be honest- there's been several instances in the past of smashed windows, boats cast loose- so if you do come into Cambridge within the next two weeks, you might not find it at its best! You are welcome to breast up with us, however, if you need the space.

If you're planning to go down the Ouse to Bedford, if I were you I would do that first, before coming to Cambridge, as it'll be much less stressful in two weeks time!

All the best,

James, Amy and Lyra.

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks James. We will take your advice and give Cambridge a miss for now but fear not, we'll be back!