Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Exploring some

A Bronze age round house.  The roof is built at a 35degree angle and covered in turf.

I took advantage this morning of our stay in Peterborough and cycled to Flag Fen, a bronze age site.   The site was discovered in 1982 when a power station was built and archeologists uncovered the remains of a number of Round Houses and an ancient  'road' across the fenland landscape - sixty thousand poles hammered into the marsh to create a roadway.  Also discovered was the remains of a Roman road built to aid the quelling of the Iceni warrior queen, Boudica.

Here is an Iron Age round house.  The roof angle is more acute - 45 degrees - and the roofing material is thatch.

The ancient soay? breed of sheep grazing the Flag Fen site.

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