Monday, 7 June 2010

Oi Caxton, update yer blog!!!

"Oi Caxton update yer blog!" was shouted at us yesterday afternoon as we gently cruised back out of Peterborough to Ferry Meadows to provide our friends Val and Alan, a taste of the good life...  We had arrived in Peterborough on Saturday lunchtime having taken all the time in the world to get here.  A 16 day stay at Fotheringhay allowed me to access a car and visit Mother and my Brothers for a few days leaving Joe to make some adjustments to Caxton - more of which later.

Yarwell lock and mill.

Matilda Rose and caxton breasted up on the water point at Yarwell.
A  little Nene magic...

A sample of Wansford housing as we approach to the bridge that carries the A1 across the Nene.

Wansford Bridge.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank heavens someone shouted at you - I was on the verge of coming up there and giving you a nudge myself!

We are desperate to hear more about (and feel jealous about...) all the bits we missed! It all looks so fabulous.

Sue, Indigo dream

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

I dunno, these people who can't keep up their's outrageous. Up for a barbecue any time soon?

James said...

On Sunday, I saw Caxton in Peterborough. If fact, I went past a couple of times by boat. And it looked like you were in!

I was in a rowing boat, though, a white eight with white oars.

Amy said...

James coxed a rowing Eight past Caxton while it was moored in Peterborough at the weekend. He considered shouting something similar to the title of this post, but he was too busy coxing!

Nb Caxton said...

A 'Nudge', a nudge... is this a euphemism for a kick up the ar** I wonder?

The R Nene is truly lovely so start planning for an extended cruise for next year folks!

Nb Caxton said...

We are aiming to be near Ely next weekend so sometime this month is on the cards for a cruise and a BBQ me thinks.
I am hanging my head in shame for my blogging transgression!

Nb Caxton said...

James and Amy
You should have made yourselves known, I would have put the kettle on...

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

That's a date. I'll text you and we can sort out a rendezvous. Need another narrowboat to commandeer, two is just not enough!

Amy said...

Lesley - We were busy rowing in Peterborough Regatta, we would have stopped by otherwise! But I'm sure we will see you as you continue Fen-wards!