Monday, 14 June 2010

How flat?

Flag Iris
Jill and I and the four dogs walked from Whittesey to March Friday along the Hereward Way which roams between dyke banks and drove roads across this flat, did I sat FLAT, landscape.  Most of the trees and hedgerows have been grubbed out leaving a pretty featureless expanse of green fields, a bit of an agricultural desert.  The fields are bursting with crops of peas, potatoes, rape, wheat and barley but the lack of trees spoil it for me.  Once upon a time the land probably would have been framed by, alder, willow, poplar and ash these evidenced by their remnants around homesteads,villages and farm buildings.  The water in the dykes, drains and and river is crystal clear and simply teeming with fish.  The water lilies are just coming into flower and the flag iris is decked in its yellow glory.

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