Saturday, 12 June 2010

Whittlesey walkabout

A former bank on the market square.

Whittlesey moorings are on the recreation fields to the east of this small town. There is room for two narrowboats, three at a push.  When we were 'on walkabout' in the town we came across the Fenland Council shop/office and popped in to suggest that aa few more moorings would generate more revenue for the town - we had eaten in the town the previous evening, bought items from the local gallery, green grocery, newspaper and  beer in the local pubs.   Yesterday I got a call from the tourism officer to discuss this grand idea!

This I believe had been the former Post Office and the building covered in scaffolding was the George Hotel now being converted into a Wetherspoons pub.

The Buttery in the market square.

The 16th century Manor house.

Whittlesey is a town that has kissed goodbye to it's former splendours but has managed to retain enough of its architectural past to remain interesting.  Apparently there was 52 (one for every week of the year) inns in the town which is not untypical of a Market Town.  There are still a considerable number of hostelries as well as numerous cafes.    Before the emergence of close by Peterborough as a major town I imagine Whittlesey had more gravity. 
Everything you need is here and the moorings are peaceful so when passing this way stop and enjoy - who know's there may even be a lot more moorings later in the year!


Sue said...

Moorings are fine most of the time Lesley, just at warm weekend evenings the boys and girls get out by the moorings for boozy late evenings close to the boats.

It is also possible to moor on the other side of the drain and walk over the lock to the town.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if you're having a grand time - hope you, the pack and MR are all well.

Sue, Indigo Dream