Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Intrepid Researchers

L-R Jill, David, Amanda and Joe.

On Sunday we had another visit from aspiring liveaboards, David and Amanda.  Armed with bottles of wine, bread, organic eggs and bags of nibbles our intrepid researchers arrived to grill Joe and myself and Graham and Jill on our experiences of living on board. 
David and Amanda have already short listed their preferred boatbuilders, one of which is Barn Owl Narrowboats, Caxton's boatbuilder; they are now busy asking questions about the lifestyle out here in the ditches.  Significantly, when asked to identify what the downsides are of this life neither Jill or Graham, Joe or I could think of a single thing!  Says it all really doesn't it....


Anonymous said...

I see they've taken to the essentials of boating life already i.e. drinking on the towpath!

Don't forget to tell them about your previous post - hard to believe that you're not permanently on holiday and that chorse seomtimes have to be done!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue
Joe is thinking that an 'O pear' could do some of these chores and we could just stay on holiday - I didn't realise that fruit could be quite so versatile..or useful.

Amanda said...

We will drink anywhere! And with anyone! And if we could get to where Indigo Dream are moored we would be there on the towpath with a notebook of questions, a box of brownies and a bottle of wine.

We are thrilled to see ourselves on the blog, Feel like blog-stars!


Nb Caxton said...

Amanda Blogstar
You are most welcome.