Thursday, 15 July 2010

Little Paxton to St. Neots

Tuesday morning and after a lazy start we decided we would leave our mooring a Little Paxton and meander into St. Neots for water and provisions.  Fresh food was not in abundance at the village store so a larger town was an attractive option.
St. Neots lock (PaperMill) a big beast. 
This is a river populated by GRP cruisers with lots of marinas that are designed for GRP cruiser access.  Weekends are busy when these craft are taken out for their weekly jaunts.  we tend to try and get moored up for the weekend and just keep our heads down.

Ah, that's better.  A Nb styled as an inspection launch moored up on a private mooring just as we are coming into St. Neots.
Is that grass on the roof of this widebeam?
Yes, indeed it is, how strange...

Caxton moored up on the town park.

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