Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Lttle Paxton

Shortly after leaving our mooring at Godmanchester we arrive at Brampton Mill.  The old watermill is converted into a pub/restaurant and the mill wheel was turning as we passed.  Hopefully they are using the mill wheel to generate electricity.

Caxton is safely in the Brampton lock
Taken from Offord lock - Joe is just moving off of the lock landing to enter the lock I have prepared as Nb Iron Butterfly hoves into view.

Not the greatest photo but I tried to capture the reflection of the trees in the river.
The GOBA mooring at Little Paxton - just room for Caxton's 68' and adjacent to a nature reserve so great walks for the dogs and us.  A very peaceful spot.
Here we stayed on Monday night.  We walked into Little Paxton village (30mins or so) where there is a Costcutter store, a PO and a Pub.  Most of the village is a 1960's housing estate and not too interesting sadly.

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