Monday, 16 August 2010

Out of Ely

We spent the weekend in Ely but this morning it was time to say our farewells and head towards Denver and the end of our summer here on the Gt Ouse.   Despite the Met forecast which indicated a bit of the shiny stuff it was grey day with a stiff breeze so after watering Caxton on the Ely service point - having cleared the ever present fishermen of course- we headed off into the wind on the wide, banked, Gt. Ouse passing the confluence of the R. Lark and moored on the EA moorings at the small town (very small town) of Littleport.
We are booked to go through Denver sluice and Salters Lode, taking us back on to the Middle Levels, on Thursday afternoon.

This is the entrance to the R. Lark which we will leave to explore on a subsequent visit.

Caxton moored up at Littleport. We had just returned from the town where we had tried to use a launderette to wash a sleeping bag (it is too big for my on board washing machine) but there was only one large washer, and it was in use, so perhaps tomorrow.
There is no progress on the side hatch doors as the painter and decorator has taken to his bed with manflu, or at least a streaming cold!

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Robert Horsford said...

Dear Nb Caxton, You are adjacent to the best restaurant in Cambridgeshire and, in my view at least, one of the best in the Country. Hop over the bank in to The Fen House and say Hello to David & Gaynor; you will not be dissapointed. Say Robert (& Deborah) from the old Rotary days recommended you and she'll know who sent you. Go on treat yourself; it is fabulous. Best regards, Robert H