Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hats off to Hatton

After fitting our new battery bank on Tuesday we took our leave of Warwick and started out up the Hatton flight of locks, 21 double locks.  We roped Caxton and Matilda Rose together again and Joe took the two boats up the flight while Jill, Graham and I worked the locks.  We started out in sunshine.  We ended our cruise, soaked to the skin.  The heavens opened after the third lock and while Joe was able to 'slip' into Caxton and get himself attired in wet weather gear helm the rest of us simply got very wet. The dogs, Baxter and Muttley, called it a day when the rain started and simply stepped back aboard Nb Matilda Rose at a convenient lock while Fletcher and Floyd stayed with us in the rain.
Looking down the Hatton Flight towards Warwick.
At some point on the flight I was tipped off of my bike by the ever reliable Floyd, my hand slipped on a wet windlass and freed from my grasp cracked e one across the wrist - no breaks though but I am beginning to feel that I was pushing my luck...  At the top lock we serviced the boats and Jill and I headed smartly for our respective boats to get hot showers and dry clothes on leaving Graham and Joe to take us through the Shrewley Tunnel and moor the boats in a lovely spot overlooking Rowington.

Moored up at last...

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Anonymous said...

So glad that you didn't break a bone - I really can't recommend it!

I love that spot by Rowington - bit of a trek to the pub though so I hope your onboard alcohol supplies are sufficient :-)

Sue, Indigo Dream