Friday, 22 October 2010

Wooden Tops

On our way up the Stockton lock flight we stopped off to recover a cache of cut logs that Graham had spotted in February on his way south.  We piled the logs into Caxton's well deck and on top of Matilda Rose and on Wednesday we had time, space and perfect weather conditions in which to prepare this free bounty.  Out came the saw horse, the chain saw and the axes and lump hammers and we all set to work to cut and split the wood into usable logs.  The problem was where to store it all when we had it all cut.

Tea break time.  You can see that all the dogs take part in this exercise - bark tastes quite good apparently and small kindling twigs can always be removed from bags and chewed of course...
Where are we going to put that lot?
Jill still at it...

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