Monday, 25 October 2010

Looking for a Sunday Lunch

We stumbled out of bed at 07.10 on Sunday morning to find the God of Fortune smiling at us - the start of the Korean Grand Prix was delayed, we hadn't missed it!!! Hoorah..  The race eventually got started and we watched as 'incident' after 'incident' developed on the new circuit ending in an Alonso win (gnash, gnash) but Lewis and Webber still in the running.  Race over, we pulled pins and headed off in stunning sunshine towards Kingswood junction and the Stratford Canal.

Approaching Kingswood Junction.

 There we go..

 Gongoozelers with attitude

 How inviting is that?
We are heading for Lowsonford, which is just a couple of miles and ten locks south of Kingswood Jtn.  Here we are hoping for a Sunday Lunch at the Fleur-de- Lys pub and we were not disappointed, three roast beefs and one duck, three syrup steamed puddings and one chocolate 'thing' later and it was time to chill. I might add that I didn't consume that lot though I was so hungry by the time we ate that the table was beginning to look appetising!.

 Last night mooring, take this morning when in a frozen state - that bow rope was solid.

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