Saturday, 23 October 2010

On goes the 'train-spotters-anorak' then

 OK, I am not a train spotter but I do keep a eye out for a rarer thing all together, a Barn Owl boat.  Caxton is Barn Owl number nine and spotted at the service point at Kingswood junction yesterday is Quantum Leap (QL), Barn Owl number eleven.  I had noted the bow as  I approached from the front and it was only as my glance flowed towards the stern that I realised what I was looking at.   A mad woman, that would be me, starts waving and pointing to myself shouts "Hello Quantum Leap, I'm Caxton!"
Martin and Rosie, QL's owners, came across the lock and we spent over an hour chatting together.
The bow of Quantum Leap that caught my attention initially.
 Martin and Rosie, QL's proud owners
Martin and Rosie are making their way in a leisurely fashion back towards Brinklow Marina on the North Oxford canal and putting Quantum Leap to bed for the winter.  Hopefully we will see each other again perhaps next year...


rosiewalden said...

Hi Lesley, It was great to see you and Jill again - and also to meet the canine foursome.
Happy cruising, and we hope to spot you somewhere on the system next year.

Regards, Martin & Rosie.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Rosie
Have a good winter and perhaps we will meet again in the spring.