Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dickens Heath to Warstock

 We awoke to a beautiful bright day yesterday and given that Nb.Matilda Rose needed water we pulled pins and headed off towards Norton Junction, the junction of the Stratford and Worcester canals.  We have moored up a couple of miles short of the junction at Warstock, flanked by a steep embarkment and a golf course on the towpath side and a screened industrial estate on the other.  The towpath is in good repair and lacks the 4-6 inch deep mud that we have experienced so far this week - which means that there is a pleasant shortage of the sticky gloop in the boat!!
 Our only 'obstacle' of the day, the Shirley lift bridge (drawbridge) which is automated..  thankfully.

 Both boats breasted up at bridge 5 taking on water.
Moored up --- look no mud!


Halfie said...

Ah - Bridge 5. That's just five minutes walk from our daughter and son-in-law. We have yet to visit them by boat! Trust all is well with you.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Halfie
The Caxton crew are just fine and we will be lingering in these here parts over Christmas and a few weeks after as Caxton is about to have some amendments to the galley. We will know for sure next week but, if we are in these parts and you do go visiting family you are most welcome to call in...

Halfie said...

Thanks Lesley, it's unlikely to be before Christmas, but when we next go we'll consult your blog to see if you're still in the area.