Wednesday, 10 November 2010

That's a spanner in the bank account then...

A couple of days ago we received an e-mail from Leesan telling us that Dometic, the manufacturers of the  VT2510 vacuum cassette system aboard Caxton, were ceasing production of this range.  Leesan had bought up the existing stock.  I dashed off an e-mail asking about the spares situation.  Leesan were straight back saying that they were going to keep a number of units back to break down for spares. 

What were our options?
  • Do nothing and trust that the system didn't fail
  • Prepare to have a tank fitted and go down the pump-out route
  • Prepare to replace our system with a Thetford C250 and have to reconfigure the bathroom
  • Buy a spare VT2510 just in case
After much deliberation we have ordered a spare system at £450 ...Ouch!  Very painful but cheaper than reconfiguring the bathroom or retro fitting a tank, neither of us were at all keen on that option anyway. And do nothing.... that could have left us in the poo further down the line.


Captain Ahab said...

Of course, what in effect you have done is ensure that yoour old loo will never ever fail. I predict that in 20 years time Caxton will be pootling round the system with a pristine and unboxed loo still sitting in its hold. Had you not bought it it would certainly fail the day after the last replecement unit was sold.
Life's like that

Anonymous said...

Whe you said a 'spanner in your bank account' I thought you might have acquired a retired greyhound!

Wise decision on the loo - no use hoping that nothing bad will happen - it always does, especially to loos!

Great post as well - the debate about your loo options will keep boaters entertained for the rest of the winter :-)


Sue, Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

A great lump of Greyhound PLUS two Labs on board Caxton is just toooo much. As it is now the saloon has two messy large dog beds and two messy large labradors sprawled on the floor by the fire - NOT, repeat, NOT, IN their beds...

The loo decision was a no brainer really and given we fit that category rather well, decision made!

Nb Caxton said...

I believe that you are quite right. However we think that we might exchange the new unit for our current one and get the older unit serviced by Leesan while there is an opprtunity. Just a thought..