Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Kings Norton Juncton

One of the guillotine gates on the stock lock at the end of the Stratford canal
 We moved down towards Kings Norton on Friday and stayed there for the weekend.  This is the junction of the Stratford canal and the Birmingham and Worcester canal.   Although the towpath was a wee bit muddy we were moored adjacent to playing fields and 'rough' ground so exercising the dogs was easier.  While at Norton Junction we had a visit from Dave George, boat fitter, who is going to make alterations to Caxton's galley after the Christmas holiday period. This means we need to linger in and around these parts for the next eight weeks or thereabouts so we will probably go into Birmingham and then venture down to Worcester perhaps.
 Turnover bridge linking the towpath of the Stratford canal with that of the Birmingham and Worcester.
 We moored along here
 St Niclolas Place, Kings Norton
 The view towards the stop lock on the Stratford canal.

The second guillotine gate - always left raised now

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bob said...

Looks like some folks have had trouble making the turn into Turnover Bridge...