Sunday, 14 November 2010

Nothing quite like winning!!

The winning team, L-R Jill, Me, Joe and Graham
 After nearly two years travelling together the crews of Nb Caxton and Nb Matilda Rose finally alighted upon a Pub which was holding a quiz that wasn't scheduled for next Thursday week or last Friday; we always seem to miss them, but not this time.  The Landlady of the Horseshoe pub, located next to bridge three of the Nth Stratford canal, invited us to join the fun on Thursday evening and so we did, a gallon of beer was the prize but for the competitive amongst us it was winning that was our goal. The locals were friendly, greeting us with, "If you win we'll kill yer."  Much to our surprise and delight we did WIN!!  Instead of meeting our maker, as threatened, we were applauded by our Brummie opponents.
  The Horseshoe pub
As proud as punch, we skipped back along the towpath to our respective boats eagerly looking forward to another quiz outing somewhere. sometime, somehow.


Starcross said...

I've only entered two canalside pub quizzes and come bottom both times. On the first occasion we were awarded a booby prize - a six-pack of (American) Budweiser!

Neil Corbett said...

We like dropping in on pub quizzes when we're boating. The nearest we got to winning was in Bishops Stortford where we were in the lead in the first few rounds. Then came the round on TV soaps in which we scored zero and it was all downhill from there.

Nb Herbie

Anonymous said...

You've unleashed a demon now - you'll be quiz pirates, descending on unsuspecting pubs, maurading the complacency of local quiz teams, raiding their self-esteem and righteously running away with the spoils.....

We took part in a pub quiz in Stone many years ago and the locals were quite friendly.......after we failed to win!

Sue, Indigo Dream