Monday, 17 January 2011

We're OUT!

We left dear Birmingham this morning after filling Caxton's empty water tank.  We need to be able to get back to Hockley Heath on the North Stratford Canal if we get the nod that the boatyard can accommodate us this coming weekend so the plan was to MOVE, but not too far.  We travelled west out of Birmingham, along the New Main Line, up through the three Tipton locks and turned sharp into the Stourbridge canal, heading for the entrance of the Dudley Tunnel and the visitor moorings at the Black Country Museum.  We met only one boat on the move and that was a day boat being driven at full speed through a bridge hole and round a bend - inexperience, youthfulness or idiocy, takes your choice.. but we managed to avoid a collision.    I walked with the dogs, only getting back aboard after I had got the locks out of the way.  The dogs are now sprawled out in the land of the snoozles while I am updating the blog and Joe has wandered off to find Dudley - I said, 'it isn't lost', but the 'we are not amused' expression would have put Queen Victoria to shame!  Anyway it was grand to be moving again especially on a day that was so springlike and an added bonus is we are moored up next to a supply of wood that is just asking us to cut it up and burn it!  Photo's don't want to load so I will try and illustrate our journey tomorrow.


Paul said...

I am looking for a chainsaw, any recommendations?

Anonymous said...


Don't move too far away - we've just heard that the BCN marathon challenge is on this year - end of May.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

We have a HUSQVARNA which we are pleased with so have a look at their range.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue
If it is the bank holiday weekend we are booked to be in Norfolk, when is it?

Anonymous said...

It is the bank holiday weekend ...