Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Yesterday's PIC's

 Caxton just passing Smethwick Junction on the New (1823-1838, hardly new) Main Line canal
 The Telford Aqueduct built in 1825 crosses the New main line carrying the branch that went originally to Boulton and Watt Steam pumping engine on the Engine Branch.  This is just so elegant.  Such a contrast to the concrete tubes that elevate the M5 motorway a bit further on...

 The bridges at Galton just after the Galton tunnel.
 Passing Bromford Junction where the Old Main line Wolverhampton level joins the New Main line - confusing isn't it?
 Caxton moored at the Black Country Museum Dudley.
A lock , a lock, yippee!  The last of the Tipton three before we turn off towards the Dudley Tunnel.  It was real pleasure to be working locks again!

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