Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Adderley to Barbridge

Nb Critical Point
Sunday morning, up, breakfasted, slobbing around in not-to-be-seen-attire, doing the blog etc. when we were rudely aroused from our peaceful state by the sound of a boat horn, a persistent boat horn.  I looked at Joe, raised a eyebrow and said "Nb. Critical Point do you think?" and sure enough, there they were, edging into a mooring just in front of us.  Linda and David on Nb Critical Point were joining NB Matilda Rose and NB Caxton for our trip to Chester and Ellesmere Port.  We last travelled together almost exactly a year ago when they joined us on the Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union canal.   Coffee's and teas all round as we caught up with what had been going on since we saw them last.
That was Sunday but on Monday we pulled pins and slipped away northwards leaving Critical Point and Matilda Rose to head back into Market Drayton for an appointment with Doctor.

 I came across this handsome pig en route, hairy and tortoiseshell coloured - Kune, Kune maybe?
 Heading towards the start of the Audlem flight of fifteen locks, the day to ourselves after what had been quite a busy boating weekend judging by the number of boats that had passed us whilst we were moored up.
 Slipped across a clear blue sky over our heads as we proceeded to Audlem was a Virgin hot air balloon
 and in the distance another approaching though the colour this time was battleship grey rather than the scarlet of the Virgin livery.

 The boards across the bottom of this side stream are there to diffuse the power of the flow of water and so lessen the chance of you having the bow of your boat driven smartly into the lock wall entrance!
 Looking down the flight and counting how many more I had to do.
 The twelfth lock of fifteen and the last before we arrive in Audlem.  Here we plan to visit the Co-Op for some Milk and a paper before we go onto the service point for the usual..
 The Shroppie Fly
 Audlem Mill, where there will be an Art Exhibition of canal related paintings from 10th April ...a visit on the way back is a must.
 Caxton on the service point just before we tackle the last three locks of the Audlem Flight and head on towards Nantwich.  It was at the last lock that Floyd decided he would scare the pants off Joe and me.  Caxton was approaching the lock, I was opening the top gate of a full lock when from the corner of my eye I saw Floyd leap across the seven foot of lock and dash up the embankment - he had spotted a rabbit! I ran across the bottom gates but by the time I got to him he had caught his quarry and despatched it -I was just in time to grab his collar to prevent him taking off after another rabbit.
 Stretches of new towpath and strapping posts

 Nantwich Aqueduct
 Caxton crossing Nantwich Aqueduct
 Nantwich towpath sculpture
Barbridge, moored for the night.


Amy said...

Wow, that pig looks like a porcine version of Lyra!


Anonymous said...

Wow Floyd, I'm impressed - leaping a 7' look is real dedication to a rabbit...

Hope the greyhounds don't try it....

Sue,nb Indigo Dream

Navelmonster said...


Is Floyd a greyhound or a black lab with jet propulsion?

Is he free for our olympic sprint team? Lol

WB Cinnamon Girl

Steve said...

Hi Lesley,
My wife (Chris) and I had the good fortune to come aboard Caxton when you were displaying her at Crick a few years back and would love to say hello to you when you arrive at Chester where we live. Would you object to a couple of gongoozlers saying hi when you get to Chester? We would love to hear how Caxton is doing?

Pip - nb Windsong said...

What, not eating in the Shroppie Fly!!! A treat not to be missed - be sure we will be!! xxx

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Amy
Can you imagine having the porky wanting curl up on your lap though, or perish the thought, share the bed?

Nb Caxton said...

I was somewhat amazed by Floyd's agility and ambition - I need to be more vigilant at locks in future though, not least for the rabbits........

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Andrew
Floyd has occasionally been 'jet-propelled' - methane though...
Could London cope with him I wonder?

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Steve and Chris
Please feel free to come and see us, you will be most welcome.

Nb Caxton said...

HI Pip, I see you are making good progress. We had lunch at the Shroppie Fly on the Saturday and the dogs enjoyed pork scratchings and the toasted cheese sandwiches from a neighbouring table!