Saturday, 19 March 2011

And what's around this corner?

Although the Civic Society in Market Drayton has been incredibly active in identifying buildings of historical note and getting information plaques mounted on them I felt there is a kind of weariness about the town.  However, I wandered into the town again from another direction and was pleased to see different aspect of MD.  I came across the new Joules Brewery - those familiar with the Trent & Mersey canal will recognise the name from the former canalside warehouse in Stone, with Joules Pale Ales emblazoned along its walls.

This enterprise arranges tours of the brewery, lunch and FREE beer for a £7 fee.
Across the road from the Joules Brewery is some attractive cottages/houses with the Clive Steps leading up ionto the churchyard of the imposing St. Mary's parish church.  Clive Steps after Clive of India who was born in these parts in 1725 and went on the establish the East India Company (EIC) in the subcontinent. Clive was knighted and elected to Parliament in 1760 but found himself blamed for fiscal difficulties and corruption in the East India Company and had to face a Parliamentary enquiry. He was cleared of blame but apparently committed suicide in November 1774.  Market Drayton makes much of its connection to the man and the spice trade facilitated by the EIC - and claims to be the birthplace of Gingerbread.
An elegant Georgian house, Rylands House, that was once home to the Post Office for many years and then a school.

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