Thursday, 17 March 2011

Seeing things in black and white

 I had a wander into Market Drayton and my first sight of a typical 'black and white' timber framed building was The Salopian Star - Salopian from SALOP the old and alternative name for Shropshire.
 Surprise, surprise, the next timbered building is yet again an Inn, The Crown.  The Drayton Civic Society have been very busy erecting information plaques on the notable buildings, see below.

 Into the square and here is the market, the Buttercross.

 The finest of the buildings, The Tudor House Hotel, built after the fire of 1651 that destroyed much of the town. By 1651 not strictly Tudor of couse as that dynasty had ended with the death of Good Queen Bess at the start of the 17th century...
 Formerly the Cheshire Cheese Inn


Nick said...

I had to laugh at the sign saying that King Charles I had stayed there. Not that the sign is funny in itself - it's just that good old King Charles I must have been asleep for most of his life judging by how many pubs around the Cotswolds also make this claim.

Enjoyed your images.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Nick
Well either our Charlie Boy was a sleepy soul as you surmise or a raging alcoholic perhaps - either way he is not in any position anymore to argue the toss with the licenced trade...

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating place.

Hope you're all well - say 'hi' to Matilda Rose for me.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue
Market Drayton is a historic market town that is struggling a bit now but the Civic Society is making a brave attempt to highlight the many attributes that the town has. A large Morrisons on the fringe of the town has undermined the high street 'experience' but if and when the town fills with interesting and individual retail enterprises I am sure that people will be attracted back.
See next post..
XX Lesley

Anonymous said...


That's Lou's comment (typing with her chin isn't very accurate!)

Sounds a bit like Aylesbury - old market town with fine but faded grandeur - all interesting though!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream