Thursday, 24 March 2011

Been to see a man about....

We've been to see a man about a boat, a new boat, a replacement boat for Caxton. 

Yesterday we travelled to Nottinghamshire to see Mel Davis of Mel Davis Boatbuilders about a new boat.  We took drawings and thoughts on what we wanted in Caxton's replacement and spent a happy few hours talking boats.  Mel is going to price a 65' replica Northwich Trader style boat and we know in a few days what the date of the likely build slot.

Here are a couple of tug style boats waiting to be transported from Mel's yard to be fitted out.

 Trying the rear deck and tiller placements for size.  Two similar boats but a very different feel when you climb on the rear deck and l'take the helm'.  We were concerned that any new boat immediately felt 'comfortable' for a shorty like me to helm. 

 Tuggy details
 Joe, Mel and Diane discussing .... piano playing?
After a lovely visit we dragged Floyd away from the new love of his life, Mel's pointer bitch who just happened to be in season, and headed back across the backbone of England, stopping at the Robin Hood in Derbyshire for a light lunch.
Exciting times....


nb chance said...

Hi Lesley and Joe
How exciting!! We never realised how much fun having a boat built would be, we can see why you want to do it again. We have really enjoyed the planning and build progress on Chance, after seeing the boat yesterday we can't wait to get out and cruise again. Best of Luck, will follow with great interest.


Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Doug We hope that two and a half years on board have focused our minds on the 'must haves' and the 'don't needs'..

Anonymous said...

We've always loved the look of the Mel Davis shells - good choice!

I hope you're consulting Floyd and Fletcher about the buld and will have a self-contained and properly vented galley for the cooking of tripe :-D

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

ps.our boat build wasn't any fun at all but the end results paid for the stress so all's well.....

Debbie said...

How exciting. I've got a secret hankering for a Steve Hudson Tug now, but am pretty sure that's not going to happen!! Will be looking on enviously.

Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Brilliant to talk earlier and get the full SP - go for it, girl! Look forward to the day when your big Trader meets my tiny HH!

Nb Caxton said...

That is quite a lot of 'tripe' spoken aboard Caxton but there will never be any cooked on board!
Floyd and Fletcher have been consulted about the side steps on their new home but show little interest - an example of my initial assertion I believe..

Nb Caxton said...

You don'y have to keep your hankerings secret Debbie, tell the world!

Nb Caxton said...

Ditto Greygirl. Who knows, I might even be at the helm of this one.

eric.leech1 said...

Now with the experience you have gained what do you consider to be the must have's and don't needs ?

paul said...

I know somebody who would be interested in Caxton....Me.
The 2 big dogs would be replaced with 2 small fluffy white ones!
Mind you dont know how long they would stay white for on the towpath!
How long is Caxton?
I will follow this one with great interest

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Paul
Caxton is 68ft long. I think you might have arrived in the UK before Caxton is up for sale however, you were talking autumn if I remember. The build and fitout of the new boat will likely be completed Jan 2012 and it would be after that date that Caxton would go on the market.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Eric
Anyones 'must haves' and 'don't needs' are only a personal opinion. On board Caxton we wanted a traditional boatmans cabin so the helmsman would be warm in winter. We also wanted a boatmans cabin because it is a versatile space, bedroom at night and day cabin during the day. An engine room so all the 'gubbins' were readily accessable and easy to monitor. We are going to install a dedicated cocooned diesel gennie for power requirements. Much of the change is simply a desire for tug style boat though....

paul said...

Hi Lesley
Autumn if all goes to plan as in sell the house for the right price etc, I will be over in the UK in July/August (mothers 80th) would love to catch up for a chat have a look at the boat if possible?

Carol said...

Hi Lesley, Hi Joe - I didn't realise that you were already planning your next boat! Since we've seen Caxton and spoken with you both, we've certainly been looking more closely at what we want in a widebeam for our retirement proper in Scotland - but not yet though! Good luck with the new build!
Kind regards Carol and George

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Paul
Where in the UK are you going to be in August? Of course we will be happy to meet you...

Nb Caxton said...

Hi the Rock & Roll crew
We weren't planning the new boat but we were looking so to speak - the feet have hit the GO pedal though so we are off and running. I will talking about our plans on the blog..
Thank you

nb.bobcat said...

Glad to see they are both looking well.

Hope you mentioned my name?

I am of course redesigning the inside of my boat all the time but I thought you had just got Caxton to your requirements with the alterations at the back and the lengthening obviously I was wrong!

What I have discovered I miss is the easy access to the front deck from inside how will the dogs cope? Don't forget them in your excitement for a tug.

Re the tiller height you could always go for the double height one like mine. His and hers.


Paul said...

Hi Lesley
I will be in Milton Keynes and Macclesfield and will probably hire a narrowboat out as well, my brother is sorting out the boat..