Sunday, 13 March 2011

Going walkabout around Brewood

 A view of Brewood - pronouced Brood - church from the canal embankment. We had wandered in on Brewood for a look round but arrived as the local school was turning out and the place was swamped with cars and parents collecting their little darlings - our viewing was necessarily cut short.
The next day, Friday, Jill a I set off on a sort of circular walk around Brewood, setting off across country to see Chillington Hall initially.  How the other half lived, part nine.
The grounds were landscaped by Capability Brown and the drive stretches off into the distance (below)
where it crosses the canal on Avenue bridge - below.
Avenue bridge, beautifully ballustraded.  Can you imagine crossing this in your carriage on your way to a ball at the grand house?
Back to Brewood on our circular route and  a glimpse of a half timbered house.
A fantastic house in Brewood's village square - eat your heart out Barretts


Starcross said...

Chillington Hall: Not so much "how the other half lived", but how they still do - as its still inhabited by the Giffard family who built it!

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Jim
I bet the Giffards life style, pleasant as it may be, is a bit more restrained than their ancesters. Days of yore, no death duties,no income tax and plentiful cheap labour..