Monday, 14 March 2011

Weekend at Wheaton

Saturday morning and we pulled pins and headed towards Wheaton Aston where we planned to service the boats and moor up for the weekend.  A bit of a grey morning but the rain held off so not bad for this time of year.
Stretton Aqueduct  crossing Watling Street (A5)
Caxton crossing the Stretton Aqueduct
onward through another wooded cutting.
Serviced and moored up for the weekend.  Joe is getting Caxton prepared, Sat dish up and tuned in, cruising chimney exchanged for the taller 'mooring' chimney, doormat out, tiller stored and torneau in place on the back deck.  I am heading off to find a local shop and get a Times and some fresh milk and thats me done for the day.


Nev Wells said...


Can you tell me why you have the mooring chimney.. why not use just the cruising chimney?


Nb Caxton said...

Hi Nev
The cruising chimney is 14inches high and as such is not an encumbrance under bridges, the mooring chimney is 32 inches high and provides a far better draft/burn but is too tall for many bridges.