Saturday, 5 March 2011

Stourport to Wolverley Court Lock

Another chilly start to the day as we prepare to leave the basin at Stourport.  We had just filled with diesel at 79p a litre, self declare, and were manoeuvering to allow Nb. Matilda Rose to get to the diesel pump and us to get to the sanitory station.  Joe had washed one side of Caxton the day before so we took the opportunity to get the rest of the boat cleaned up while we watered.  In the meantime I went into Limekiln Chandlers and got a new stainless steel short chimney to replace our cruising chimney as it had  past its sell by date

Spotted while getting diesel, another Barn Owl narrowboat, Serenity. No number so I guess it might be 13?
Looking north from York Street lock, the first lock out of the basin.
And we are away
An hour or so after leaving and the sun had come out to provide us with another glorious spring day.  The dogs are rummaging beside Falling Sands lock will I await the arrival of Caxton.

Falling Sands viaduct on the approach to Kidderminster.
Caldwall lock awaits the arrival of Caxton
We stopped in Kidderminster to get another sack of food for the dogs. Graham Booth had told us of a pet store tucked behind Tesco's so we were able to stock up which is a great relief to the boys!  It was then a quick sortie into M&S for some of their food before we were off again out of town.  It seems such a shame that our only visits to Kidderminster are always in such a hurry.  You are warned not to stay overnight but we don't feel we want to leave the boat unattended to go and see the town.
The sweeping approach to Wolverley Court Lock and caxton has just come into view.

Moored up for the night above the lock.

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Captain Ahab said...

Its a shame about Kidderminster - but I wouldn't hang around there at night either.