Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wolverley to Prestwood

Yesterday morning we moved the boats up a lock from Wolverley Court Lock to above Wolverley Lock where we had moored on our way to Stourport.  Jill and I took the dogs for a couple hours walk seeing a bit more of the countryside in these parts. 
Late afternoon I wandered up to Graham and Evelyn Booth's home to pick up a dvd that Graham had made for me.  The dvd is entitled, The Water Boatman and is a series of programmes presented by Alan Herd about his journey around the Stourport Ring.  Graham and Evelyn feature in the series as Nb Rome, their boat, was one of the boats used to transport the presenter on his journey.  
Over a cuppa we talked about boats and all things boaty and you might note that I have added a link to Lockside Antiques on the sidebar, a business run by Evelyn that supplies rag rugs, traditional Measham pottery, brassware  and ribbon plates and much more - double click on the image to link to Evelyn's website.

 Nb. Rome, moored outside the Booth residence this morning as we passed 
A cold and grey start but, A DRY START

Caxton entering the Cookley tunnel, all 65 yards of it
We watered at Kinver having bow hauled a boat off of the water point so we could get access. The boat was holiday boat and the crew were awaiting a BW card for the pumpout and some instruction on its usage.  Graham provided the advice on using the PU and once both MR and Caxton were serviced and away the hirers were able to pull their boat back and start their pumpout experience!
Whittington lock were the cottage is being renovated.  Things are still a bit grey but the sun is trying burn through.

Stourbridge junction - when we came through here on our maiden voyage in 2008 this was closed because of a embankment breach.
The sun has got its hat on now
Moored up at Prestwood in the sunshine.  Close to here was a major TB sanitorium, Prestwood Nursing Home.  I met a chap today who used to work there before it closed as a TB hospital; the last in the Country he claimed.  Once these hospitals were relatively common, my Grandfather spent quite a bit of time in and out of these places but now thank goodness the scourge of this desease is no more - well no more for the indigenous population.
Trees REFLECTED in the canal..

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